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an acquaintance  30 years long

The DB PLAST green solutions  is a young, dynamic, innovative company projected towards a sustainable economy that is no longer linear but circular,   where waste becomes a resource and an opportunity at the same time. Thanks to the ten-year experience of its managemet gained in the context of the recovery and regeneration of plastic waste, it is able to offer the market a wide range of reprocessed granules of superior quality for the molding, film and extrusion sectors. At the same time, it offers a series of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging items. The DB PLAST green solutions  it also offers a series of services aimed at optimizing waste for correct reuse with  the aid   of the most  modern technologies ..

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Ellen MacArthur foundation: "... an economy designed to be able to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, the flows of materials are of two types: the biological ones, capable of being regenerated in the biosphere and the technical ones destined to be enhanced without entering the The circular economy is therefore an economic system planned to reuse materials in subsequent production cycles, reducing waste.


Thanks to the squeeze  collaboration with the most   important   companies   Italian   and ester of transformation and molding, the DB  PLAST green solution  is in  able to guarantee a   wide      range of items. In  particular   we have granules   in     LDPE,  HDPE,   PP,   PET; while, as far as the packaging sector is concerned, we offer a whole series of items  in  recycled plastic for all sectors:  boxes  to   lose   or use and reuse  , pallets, containers (bins)  and  accessories     various. 


the DB   PLAST green solution  is able to guarantee for each product  highest quality standards  in compliance with all regulations in force. Through i  laboratories all incoming raw materials and outgoing products are constantly tested to ensure all the required technical requirements. all products are equipped with:

certificates - technical data sheets - safety data sheets.





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