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For Food (on request): All containers are made of plastic and offer absolutely superior hygiene guarantees. On request for food or fruit and vegetables. Plastic does not deteriorate, does not absorb liquids and odors and does not transmit them to food. Reusable and Recyclable Packaging: All containers are made of reusable and recyclable plastic material. No Molds: All containers built with materials that prevent the formation of molds that are harmful to any product. CE regulations: All containers are built according to CE standards, have the marks imposed by law and are accepted in all countries of the European Economic Community and outside the EC. Stackability: All DB PLAST GREEN SOLUTION containers  both full and empty, they are stackable and palletizable, to facilitate transport and storage. They can be arranged one on top of the other in maximum safety and stability. Tare: printed on the case.

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